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Pattaya Marathon 2020

by admin
(19 July 2020)

The Pattaya marathon is one of the most popular Pattaya events and it is held annually. This annual event is a large scale marathon, half-marathon and quarter marathon running event that attracts athletes from all over the world to participate. The marathon is such a big deal for athletes that it has become one of the most celebrated sports-related Pattaya festivals attracting more than 10,000 runners.

People from around the globe are welcome to join this fabulous event which brings many people into Pattaya City, especially serious athletes who are looking to dominate in the races.

At this time there is no registration, but interested participants should save the date!

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Hello, I would like to register for the race but I cannot find a link to register on the website that you provided in your article. I would appreciate any assistance in registering for the event, I can be contacted at Thank you in advance for your assistance. Samantha

by : Samantha Lauver

Thank you for your interest Samantha, I'm afraid we don't have any information about next year's marathon at this time. Once we do, we will post it on the website.

by : Admin

I hope to travel from Liverpool and run the Pattaya marathon myself one day.

by : Alan Rothwell

Dear Ms. Samantha Lauver, Please try again for registration. If can't please try on 28 June 16 again. Thank you, Nim

by : Orachorn

Thank you.

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