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Environmental awareness is part of our culture at Wave. We are committed to ‘going green’ and reducing our carbon footprint as the sustainability of our environment is extremely important to every hotel employee, from General Manager to busboy. We are already on track to join the regional the Green Leaf Foundation and global and international Green Globe initiative.

We are well aware that with an increase in global travel comes corporate responsibility for mitigating our business impact on the natural environment. Both in our hotel and beyond, we seek to understand and act on the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business operations.

Our goals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Further reduce energy and water consumption, energy per kWh and water per occupied room (POR) by as much as 20% by 2014. [Baseline: 2009]
  • Empower our hotel development partners to build green hotels.
  • Green our extensive and vital supply chain.
  • Educate and inspire associates and guests to conserve and preserve
  • Address environmental challenges through innovative conservation initiatives, including mangrove protection, waste management and water conservation

At Wave the owners, staff and management are firmly committed to protecting the environment and consistently upgrading and maintaining the green standards of the new property. We have already set-up an Environmental Committee which will organise training and awareness activities for staff and the local community. This year we plan to participate in the following initiatives: tree planting, office recycling, purchasing of organic local produce, Earth Hour, World Environment Day, neighbourhood and hotel-wide clean-ups, car-free day, waste-management set-ups and Save Energy Day, just to name a few.

We invite all our guests, clients, partners and suppliers to be a part of our effort to save the environment for a cleaner and brighter future. By thinking green, we can all change the world one thought, one action at a time. Thanks for joining Wave in our unique efforts to beautify the incredible sea-side city of Pattaya!

Pattaya Covid-19 Update

25 May 2020

Wave Hotel, Pattaya is re-opening and welcoming Guests from June 1, 2020 (Monday).


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