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Mike Shopping Mall is one of most popular and largest shopping centers in Pattaya. This is because products available are almost always on super discount and in plentiful supply.

Mike Shopping Mall is separated into five floors, and contained within are literally hundreds upon thousands of items for sale. Any shopper, both amateur and professional, will be able to successful and enjoyably spend a few hours of browsing here.

A note of warming however, the quality and authenticity of products found here ranges greatly and the mall does deal in a substantial amount of fake brand-name products. Be cognizant that the cheap price of items means you are probably not getting the genuine thing.

Like most market-style malls in Thailand, be prepared to haggle a little, it’s fun and will ensure a better deal. On average you can expect to lop 10–30% off the asking price.

Although it might appear that Mike Shopping Mall offers only clothes and accessories, in truth it also has on offer a range of products, such as shoes, luggage and handbags, furniture, hardware, computers and electronics, musical instrument and so on.

The mall is located right on Pattaya Beach Road, in between Cental and South Pattaya. From the hotel you can get there by walking (heading towards Bali-Hai Pier) in 10 minutes or simply take a baht bus (song thaew).

Pattaya Covid-19 Update

25 May 2020

Wave Hotel, Pattaya is re-opening and welcoming Guests from June 1, 2020 (Monday).


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